Lynn Soto

Project Director Avondale Resident Team

"I am a 30 year retiree of the State of Colorado, Colorado Department of Corrections.  I served as an Assistant to the Director of Prisons and the Director of Training at the Central Office in Colorado Springs.  I served as the Executive Assistant to several Warden’s throughout my career, retiring from San Carlos/La Vista Correctional Facilities in Pueblo.  I am proud to be a lifetime “Avondaler" and  I believe in the future of Avondale and look forward to working with the Community to build a better tomorrow for all of our citizens."

Kassi Robinson

Community Program and Communication Specialist

“I have spent many moments of my life in Avondale, Colorado. I moved away for a short time as I started my own family. Nowhere else has felt like home. I decided to move back to Avondale to raise my two children. It is an honor to serve on the Avondale Resident Team, restoring the history of this great community while actively pursuing a health equity solution. Avondale has been under-served for so long, and, it is time our voices are heard and our needs are met”

Fran Cordova

ART Governance Team

"Although I was not born in Avondale I was born in Holly Colorado which is the same geographical area. I moved from Denver Colorado to Avondale to be with my husband who was born and raised here. My passion for joining the team lies in the fact that I was raised in Los Lunas, New Mexico which was a thriving town. I can truly see a thriving community in the heart of Avondale."

Jennifer Trujillo

ART Governance Team

" I have been a part of the Avondale community my entire life. I bring 40+ years of administrative skills and experience to the team. As a mother and a grandmother, I'm excited to advocate for Avondale to bring equity and opportunity to all its citizens: present and future."

Irene Aragon

ART Governance Team

"Having spent my formative years growing up in Avondale, Colorado, has helped me to understand the most important basics of life, family, and community. It pushed me to shape the skill that I have been gifted with. My exposure to DIversity while traveling through the U.S. and Mexico has taught me not to rely on talent alone, but in hardwork and determination. 

To create an inclusive environment anywhere, you need to simply respect every person you meet. Being in constant communication with your powerful work family is the key to create an inclusive environment. I'm proud to serve Avondale with my ART team family!"

Kyle Hicks

ART Governance Team

“ Holding a position as a first responder has taught me the importance of health equity. The Avondale community has become a family to me, and I will strive to bring all resources necessary to ensure my children grow in the best environment possible. I believe in ART.”

Annette Santistevan 

Art Governance Team

Carmel Benavidez

ART Member

" Although life has taken me to other parts of Colorado, Avondale has always been HOME, and I recently made the full circle back. I have a successful career and a beautiful family. My goal is to re-create the hometown I remember as a child. I just want my grandchildren, and all children, to see this beautiful town as I experienced it."

Tammi Gabaldon

ART Member

"I was born and raised in Avondale, CO and still currently live here.  I graduated from Pueblo County High School in 1999.  I graduated from the University of Southern Colorado (currently CSU-Pueblo) in 2002 with a major in Sociology with an emphasis in Criminology and minor in Psychology.  I worked for Crossroad’s Turning Points Inc. for five years.  The first year I was the Child Development Specialist for the women’s inpatient program and then became the Core Outpatient Counselor where I worked with women and female teenagers involved with the Department of Social Services.  I have worked with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Pueblo County for the past eleven years; where I am currently the Avondale Clubhouse Director.  I live with my fiancée of eight years Jonathan Passig, three amazing children, and our lovable dog Clifford."  

Ray Santistevan

ART Member

Rick Cordova

ART Member

Kimberly Solano

Art Member

Maxine Soto-Gomez

Art Member

Nigel Santistevan

Art Member 

Alondra Solis

Art Member / AYLC