Avondale Resident Team Successes!


ART Newsletter, 4 Editions

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3 Community Accountability Meetings to keep you informed of our work!



Funded the Avondale Apache Bantam League football team to assist with the purchase of new equipment.

Funded Accelerated Reading Program for Avondale Elementary.

History Project:    

Memory Workshops, Memory Walk, Story Sessions and Picture/Newspaper Scan Days.

Oral History Training with El Pueblo History Museum

Next Steps, recording oral histories from Avondale residents.

Capacity Building:

Language Justice Training with Community Language Coop.

Facilitation Training with Pueblo City County Health Department

Governance Team Orientation with The Colorado Trust

Comprehensive coaching and technical assistance in the following areas:

  • Community partnerships and opportunites
  • Digital Marketing
  • Sustainability
  • Program Leadership and Management

Partnerships & Opportunities:

Sponsored the Vineyard Church with their annual fill the backpack program.

Re-granted funds to Los Pobres to fulfill basic needs.

Pueblo Partners in Energy, monthly meetings

Sustainability Planning Group, monthly meetings

The Avondale Resident Team is actively working with our County Commissioners, State Representatives and local law enforcement to proactively move forward on our approved Health Equity Year 2 Implementation Plan!

Avondale Youth Leadership Council:

McHarg Park Community Center Wi-Fi Project completion with Pueblo County

Re-granted funds to the Boys & Girls Club-Avondale to assist with additional staffing to remove youth from the waiting list and to increase program areas of academic success, good character, citizenship and healthy life styles.

Summer Activities with Rudy Fuentes, Recreation Director

Tennis Lessons with Pueblo County Recreation


Avondale Memory Project: El Pueblo History Museum

Memories that will forever be archived with History Colorado




Definition: Community Integration is the opportunity to live in the community and be valued for one’s uniqueness and abilities, like everyone else.


ART Community Integration Goal: To Implement ART community integration strategy in order to build community cohesion.

integration gears

Community Integration encompasses:

• Housing
• Employment
• Education
• Health Status
• Leisure/Recreation
• Spirituality/Religion
• Citizenship and Civic Engagement
• Valued Social Roles
• Peer Support
• Self Determination



Colorado Language CO-OP


Migration Policy Institute


Boy's and Girl's Club of Pueblo County


El Pueblo Museum Memory Project