ART Community Teams

Partnerships and Opportunities

We strive to develop and maintain partnerships within our local government, as well as other key stakeholders to ensure Avondale is kept in the present.

Community History and Growth (Communications)

Our dedication is to provide clear and accurate information to the community at large. Avondale is up and coming. The implementation of a digital marketing strategy is in play.

Community Integration

In order to establish community cohesion, the ART has an integration strategy to enhance cross-cultural awareness in order to integrate community resource networks to include Spanish speaking residents.

Avondale Youth Leadership Council (AYLC)

The voices of our youth must be heard as they are the voices of the future.

People, Power, and Purpose

Although not a physical team, the importance of Advocacy is key. Developing a community understanding of advocacy is significant, as well as enhancing messaging, will empower the voices of all residents, enabling the closing of health equity gaps

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Our Story

Upon the Colorado Trust's research of communities suffering from health inequities, it chose eight communities to begin its Partners in Health Equity initiative, Avondale was selected as one of the eight. Shorty thereafter they begin a two year community building process where they clarified their health inequity issues. The Avondale Resident Team is beginning it's second year of programming implementation, focusing on addressing community infrastructure issues, youth development, and building community cohesion.

The Goals of the ART

The overarching goal of the Avondale Resident Team is to close important equity gaps that the local residents are currently facing, ensuring that all residents are living the healthiest lifestyles, focusing on our target population: elderly 55+, youth, and Spanish speakers.


Partnerships and Opportunities Goal

The Avondale Resident Team, in collaboration with Pueblo County and other key stakeholders, will leverage existing resources, assess needs and collaboratively obtain the resources necessary to address the infrastructure; street lights, technology, recreation and wellness needs of Avondale, Colorado.

Equity Gaps closed by achieving this goal:

Advocacy has been a factor in establishing relationships with Pueblo County staff and the elderly, youth and Spanish speakers in Avondale, who represent our most impacted audiences.  The inequities of the technology haves and have nots are being closed.  Addressing the environmental factors like community safety by addressing street lights is critical.

Avondale Youth Leadership Council Goal

The Avondale Youth Leadership Council, in collaboration with the Pueblo Boys and Girls Club, Pueblo County Recreation Department and the Avondale Resident Team, will provide advocacy for comprehensive educational leadership program opportunities for middle and high school students.

Equity Gaps closed by achieving this goal:

Healthy child development, personal health practices and life skills are being met in a culturally responsive manner.  ART’s target population of youth 6th through 12 grades will be represented.  Spanish speaking youth are well represented and are being serviced by a part time bi-lingual employee

Community Integration Goal

Implement the Avondale Resident Team community integration strategy in order to build community cohesion.

Equity Gaps closed by achieving this goal:

Enhanced cross-cultural awareness, increased understanding of cross-cultural communications and gain a deeper understanding of interpretation and translation. Enhance community cohesion, community partnerships, and integrate community resource networks.




Build relationships among community residents through sharing of stories and the celebration of shared community history. Finalize an oral history and memoir writing project for the community to share stories, build relationships, and celebrate our shared history.

 Equity Gaps closed by achieving this goal:

Preserve history of Avondale through the creation of community historical content enhancing the social environment and cultural fabric of the community of Avondale.

Community History and Growth


By holding Community Accountability Meetings the Avondale Resident Team will improve relationship building and improve communication to build community cohesion and a sense of belonging through June 2020.

Equity Gaps closed by achieving this goal:

Bridging equity gaps with Elderly and Youth.  Building community networks, enhancing communications and building community cohesion by informing Avondale residents during community events.



Goal #3

Develop a digital marketing strategy to leverage the Avondale Resident Team marketing position and strategically communicate “ART messaging” to our identified target audiences.

Equity Gaps closed by achieving this goal:

Provide targeted messaging to ART identified target audiences, Avondale Community, Education, Funders, Government/Not for Profits, and Business.  Building power through strategic messaging.


People, Power, and Purpose Goal

Provide capacity building/technical assistance/coaching for Avondale Resident Team and community members to develop a “Community Advocacy System” to address the inequities of the Avondale community.

Equity Gaps closed by achieving this goal:

Developing community capacity for Advocacy and developing a community network of advocates provides the foundation to address community inequities.  By developing a community baseline understanding of Advocacy and enhancing the ART’s messaging, we will impact the community environmental inequity factors and build community voice and power of the community of Avondale.  Elders 55 and older, Spanish speakers, and youth middle through high school.


The Key Issues Facing Avondale:

Historical Neglect

Internal Neglect

The residents of Avondale have lacked in advocating for themselves. There is no town council or board that advocates for the needs of the locals.

External Neglect

For every $1 Avondale pays in taxes to Pueblo County, Avondale receives less than 50 cents in services. The western part of Pueblo County  receives over $1.50 in services for every $1 they pay in taxes. (Statistic from Chris Markuson, Pueblo County Economic Development Director, Sept, 2017)

Loss of Sense of Community

Avondale suffers from a loss of sense of community, a loss of sense of belonging. This has led to increased isolation and is part of an overall pattern of poor community communication.

How to SOLVE local Issues:

The Avondale Resident Team has many goals and strategies in place to ensure equity gaps are closed, addressing the lacking social determinants of health the local residents are facing everyday. By utilizing the skills and ever growing capacity of the ART community teams, partnerships will continuously develop, and the process of maintaining needed resources will provide the healthy environment the residents of Avondale deserve.

The McHarg Wi-Fi Project

The fact that Avondale was lacking in technological infrastructure was brought forth by the youth in Avondale. The AYLC submitted a proposal to the Pueblo County Commissioners to bring Wi-Fi fiber to The McHarg Park Community Center.  The proposal was granted, and now the youth have fast internet access at the Community Center. 

El Pueblo History Museum Project

In working on the Avondale Memory Project, the ART has been able to bring members of the community together, creating the greater sense of community that Avondale is currently lacking.