The Avondale Resident Team is a non-profit, community led advocacy movement based in Avondale, Colorado.

The Issues

  • Lack of opportunities for youth

  • No sidewalks or streetlights

  • Minimal internet access

  • Neglect by Colorado state government

  • Too few returning tax dollars

  • General isolation

  • Ethnic and racial barriers

  • Lingual barriers

Our Core Values

  • All children and families have opportunities for growth and development

  • Valuing our history is significant

  • Our community is friendly and welcoming

  • Necessity of knowledge and technology is important to us

  • Direct partnerships with government and key stakeholders are always maintained

  • Access to health care and community services are central to our health and well-being

  • Living with hope and prosperity

  • Everyone is treated with respect and dignity

How We Are Fighting for Health Equity

We are engaging our three target populations to ensure the voices of the under-served are being heard.

Youth: Middle and High School

We have formed an Avondale Youth Leadership Council (AYLC) consisting of middle and high school students. Some members are also part of the Spanish speaking community allowing us to form a bridge to the Spanish speaking community at large.

Elders 55+

Members of this age group are actively participating on the ART. The members of the group have attended multiple capacity building trainings, i.e., Advocacy and Language Justice. The most significant event held for this group has been the work with the El Pueblo History Museum, Avondale Memory Project. Numerous elders and their families were able to share their family histories with photographs dating back to 1904.

Spanish Speakers

Our community integration efforts are reaping rewards with the success of our first AYLC Parent's Night. During our parent's night we put into action our language justice training by utilizing interpretation equipment. Thus, allowing the Spanish speaking parents the opportunity to actively participate and provide their input into what they would like to see in our yr. 2 Implementation Plan.

We Are Avondale

Avondale is a community where opportunity and equity are created for all.  It is a safe and proud community where respect is gained through creative leadership and accomplishments are achieved through collective advocacy. We are building a better tomorrow by encouraging a productive environment for everyone.  Our success is built upon hard working leaders who are welcoming and dedicated to the community of Avondale.  To know the greatness of Avondale, is to know the community, it's families and it's people!


Help Us Build A Better Tomorrow!